The PP accuses Pedro Sánchez of being “political prisoner of his commitments” with the pro-independence

García Egea criticizes the Andalusian government of the PSOE “is a legacy of unfulfilled promises”

Citizens is not to be trusted. The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has endeavored this Sunday in Seville to defend that his party is the benchmark of constitutionalism in Spain, the only one that has always been in defense of the interests of the country and its unity. And Ciudadanos is nothing more than an imitation that agrees with the PSOE when it suits him and that always goes after the PP.Casado, which has closed on Sunday an act of New Generations in the Andalusian capital, has accused Citizens of being the support of the socialists, both in Spain and in Andalusia, where, he said, he has served “as assisted breathing” by Susana Díaz in the last legislature “preventing research commissions or the reduction of inheritance tax”. Only the PP, has highlighted, ” can lead the constitutionalism in Spain. “Moreover, has charged against Citizens accusing him, together with the PSOE, to prevent a wider and stricter application of Article 155.” Nobody will give us lessons, “he said. Citizens and the PSOE, has criticized, forced the almost automatic convocation of the Catalan elections.But it is also, according to Casado, the party of Albert Rivera is what has allowed “the independence champion at ease” by CataloniaThe PP, has maintained its national leader, is the “only alternative to the PSOE, the only one who did not make a pact with the PSOE and the only one who will not tolerate that the independence champion of Catalonia.” Casado recalled, following the acts of Citizens in Navarra, how the PP was in Alsasua after the assault on the civil guards “to give a hug to their agents and say that he was not going to allow Navarra to be an annex of anyone”. That was, he insisted, “four months ago, without the need to make noise”. The “felony” of SánchezPablo Casado has also returned to charge against Pedro Sánchez and his government for the reduction of the penalties requested by the State Lawyers against the imputed by the procés. “What they have done is very serious for one more day in La Moncloa.” The PP president recalled how the Catalan president, Joaquim Torra, asked on October 19 for a “gesture” and this has been, he said, one ” unacceptable felony “that has materialized” selling “to the independentismo.Pero Pedro Sanchez is as responsible as Susana Diaz, has proclaimed Casado, who has criticized the Andalusian president try to distance himself from the policy of his colleagues in Madrid. “Voting Susana Diaz is delivering the keys of Andalusia to Pedro Sanchez,” he said. In that perspective, he has offered the PP to the voters “of the abstention” of Citizens and the embarrassed socialists. “We are a moderate and reformist party, but above all it serves Spain,” he stressed.


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