The credit of Maria Dolores de Cospedal in the PP was exhausted definitively this Friday with the revelation that commissioned to the commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejoespiar to his companion Javier Sands. The “shame” before this behavior was a widespread feeling in the party, according to different sources consulted, which was growing over the hours after the explanations that the former secretary general gave in the Cope. The crisis in the PP is such a scope that it is no longer only the former number two who is in question. The focus is on the president, Pablo Casado, and whether or not he is able to get his resignation. In an interview early in the morning, Cospedal maintained that she complied with her “obligation” when gathering information about an issue that affected the PP-Gurtel and the collection of commissions- and assured that neither was paid nor was there finally a dossier about Arenas . The defense that this was part of her job as general secretary made even more distressing an organization, which almost unanimously demands her departure virtually since her and her husband’s and Villarejo’s dealings were known. “What he did is indecent, it is not the obligation of any secretary general,” say PP sources. Saying this, other sources point out, has been “terrible”. An act of “pride”. With the nerves to the surface of these recordings, the internal criticisms begin to point directly to Casado. His silence on Friday in the intermunicipal PP in Malaga was not understood. “It’s inexplicable, he complained when Rajoy did it.” Nor that his number two, Teodoro García Egea, insisted on the arguments of the last days. The secretary-general resumed again that the evaluations made by Cospedal occurred, he said, after he called her. And he reiterated the idea that Casado has no debt to her and that it is only due to the affiliates, alluding to the fact that his support was vital for him to win the internal primaries. The reality is that the leadership of the PP is waiting, almost wishing, to make her official resignation from the seat but lacks guarantees of when that step will occur. Sources of the party maintain that Cospedal has requested “time” to avoid an “unworthy” exit and that, in principle, Casado is still granting it knowing that other compromising conversations may leak. The people who know her well emphasize that she is very “arrogant” and they doubt that she will facilitate her departure. Unlike. Neither in the PP of Castilla-La Mancha hide their “sadness” for this end or the little sense that they intend to continue when their political career has “ended.” She is aware of her situation, explain PP sources, but resists because she also believes that Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría “is behind” the leaks. Which agents at the service of the CNI have made the recordings public. This is the penultimate theory of conspiracy in a PP that has been discarded in internal troubles. Although this Friday sources of the PP put the hand in the fire in which Rajoy never knew that Cospedal sent spying to Sands. There are also those who point as their “big mistake” not to intervene to end the war with Santamaría. With many of the protagonists off stage, the PP looks at Casado as the only one in charge of solving this crisis. The concern has spread in the territories. “Corruption has killed us and continues to kill us,” said a leader. “These are votes for Citizens, you just have to wait while sitting on the couch.” Greater still is the malaise in Andalusia, with elections on December 2. “It is impossible to place a single message,” they stress. It happens to the candidates and also to Casado himself. “Something has to be done,” party sources maintain. What is at stake is their “authority”. “If he does not act, it’s going to look like he does not have it.” “This is doing a lot of damage,” they say. In the case of Cospedal, he adds that he is not a loved person in the organization. He did not even get the support of the bases in the primaries. “More than half of the PP does not want it.” It ended, some remember, “betraying Rajoy” so that Santamaría would not win. “Pablo knew all this, he knew what kind of person he was and still let himself be supported.” Pablo Casado, according to different sources of the PP, must make decisions in the next few hours to try to tackle the crisis. The party, they say, is “very upset.”


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