Today, the Catholic University of Murcia will inaugurate the III edition of the Master’s Degree in Social Responsibility and the II of the Master’s Degree in Labor Relations and Social Responsibility Management, at the Los Jerónimos Campus.

“Among the objectives of the master’s degrees are training, debate and connecting people of reference in all areas,” said Víctor Meseguer, director of the International Chair of Social Responsibility at the UCAM, adding that these objectives “are essential to lead the changes we are experiencing at a social, economic and political level. ”

Francisco Javier Dueñas Selma, Sustainability Director of Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, will participate in the inauguration ceremony, who will give a lecture on “Socio-environmental economic-financial risks: Climate Change”.

In the act will also intervene Belén López Ayuso, vice-chancellor of On-line Teaching of the UCAM; Nuria Fuentes García-Lax, general director of Labor Relations and Social Economy of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia and José Daniel Martín, general secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Murcia.


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