Welcome to the great ‘show’ of the VAR. The video arbitration in its maximum splendor, to the rescue of an arbitrator who observed everything backwards of how it happened. Iglesias Villanueva and his field assistants will not know very well if they feel relieved, because their mistakes were amended, or deeply pointed, because their terrible arbitration was in sight of the whole world. Even in China and Japan, which for that (presumably) League games are played on Sunday mornings. [Narration and statistics: 2-1]

To all this, and before the part of events, it is to say that Eibar defeated Alaves in Ipurua, cutting the excellent run of results that had boosted Abelardo to the second position of the table, stepping on the heels of Barcelona. A well-deserved win by the armourers’ side, who completed a great match after finding a goal against in the 4th minute and with which it stops a negative dynamic of three games without winning.

That was the result of a goal by Alavés canceled and subsequently granted, a presumed penalty to Jordan that was actually out of the area and that led to the expulsion of Duarte and another red for De Blasis that Iglesias Villanueva chose to review on the screen that has at your service. Crazy. The 21st century football was this.

It all started in minute 4, with the Alavés goal. Jony threw a very far frontal foul that Manu García converted into a goal with a header. He did it with the flag of the line raised, so the referee decreed offside. The VAR, however, warned him that whoever was in an illegal position was not the blue captain, but his teammate Maripán, so the goal went up to the scoreboard.

Fierce defense
The Alavés adopted from then on its classic strategy when it is winning, entrusting everything to its iron defensive structure. But Eibar knew how to find a crack and after 20 minutes managed to leave Jordan alone riding towards Sivera. Duarte had no choice but to cut the danger by the brave ones. Penalty without major punishment, according to the referee. Foul outside the area and direct red for the Alavés defender, as corrected by the VAR.

The launch of this foul, executed by Orellana, hit the post and Eibar began a total siege from there, taking advantage of its superiority, with Peñapor the right side punishing without mercy the defense of Vitoria. An assault that continued during the second half, in which again the VAR made an appearance. After a hard ankle injury from De Blasis to Vigaray, the referee went to check the video to see what had happened. While he was doing it, the Argentine protested him and took a yellow … and seconds later the direct red, which was the punishment that his ticket deserved.

And it was curiously with 10 players when Eibar finally won the draw, thanks to a frontal shot from Jordán (home side) after a great play from the left of Cucurella, whose entry into the field had been Mendilibar’s reaction to the expulsion of De Blasis. From then on the phases of dominion were balanced, although always with armero preponderance. Already in the discount, the Eibar obtained justice with a portentous headbutt of Diop to the exit of a corner. The VAR did not intervene here, which, once seen, was .


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