El comisario de Asuntos Económicos, Pierre Moscovici, el ministro de Finanzas de Irlanda, Paschal Donohoe, y la ministra de Economía, Nadia Calviño. REUTERS

Fuente: El Mundo

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, ratified this Monday before the Executive of the PSOE that will exhaust the legislature and that will continue with his “social agenda”, governing and approving the agreed improvements in the general lines negotiated with Podemos. And he will do so, he affirmed, “with or without Budgets” General of the State. Sanchez’s announcement coincided with the commitment that the Economy Minister, Nadia Calviño, adopted in Brussels in the same direction. In particular, Calviño said that the Executive does not renounce its Plan A, which is to approve new accounts, but before the possible lack of parliamentary support, downplayed Plan B to extend existing ones. This was said after meeting with the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Pierre Moscovici, in a meeting prior to the meeting of the Eurogroup that took place this Monday. Fuentes de Moncloa pointed in the same direction: “The Government will continue with its agenda of change and will enact royal decrees laws to address emergencies and social needs. ” That is to say, the threats of the PDeCAT and the ERC, which refuse to even sit down with the PSOE after the harsh requests of penalties from the Prosecutor’s Office for the pro-independence prisoners, will not put an end to the legislature, as it does understand that Podemos can happen. willing to govern with the extended accounts of Mariano Rajoy, afterwards approving the most important aspects of his project by decree laws. At a press conference, the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, José Luis Ábalos, explained that “the urgent measures and can not be postponed” that the Government will try to approve even if they do not go ahead with the Budgets, are the increase of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary, the updating of pensions , aid for the unemployed over 52 years or housing policies to maintain their social function. That’s right, Abalis insisted that the Executive will try to approve their accounts: “We do not lose hope and do not give up any support” , he assured. First, the PSOE does not believe that the pro-independence will vote in favor of the amendments to the totality that the PP or Citizens present. With the independentistas Once saved this stumbling block, a different stage begins in which the Government trusts to be able to negotiate the accounts with the nationalist and independence parties. Yes, socialist sources recognize that nowadays it seems very difficult given the attitude maintained especially by the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra. The Minister of Development also demanded that ERC and PDeCAT not mix the Budgets with the legal situation of the government. . “You can not link, they are totally different situations,” he said. In addition, the Government continues relativizing a lot the warnings and the ultimatums of the independentistas. What these days, said Ábalos yesterday, is “a very immediate reaction on the qualifications of the Prosecutor and State Agobacía” before the judgment of procés. “We will see why many things are said,” he concluded. For his part, Calviño, ahead of Moscovici that the possibility of having to extend the budgets of 2018 is growing, as sources say consulted by this newspaper. This situation does not take by any surprise the teams of the Commission, who follow very closely the day to day of what happens in our country. Calviño in Brussels “The Government is determined to try to carry out the budget plan in which we are working because we believe that these are the Budgets that Spain needs.It is clear that it is our Plan A, it is in which we are investing, and I trust in that all parties realize that they are what Spain needs and support them, “said the head of Economy upon arrival in Brussels. But the seats do not give and Moncloa knows it. “We are still working to build those agreements and build that support, if it is not done, the system foresees, not the first time, the budget extension and we can make the necessary adjustments,” he added. subtracting therefore all importance to something that in fact has been done previously but that is something exceptional and that it poses important obstacles. The budgetary extension has implied in the past what in Brussels is known as no policy changes, that is, that no major changes can be made or perhaps the structural adjustments that the country needs or at least those it has committed to. The current case is not the same as that of the Government of Mariano Rajoy, when it was in office, since the Executive of Pedro Sánchez is operational.


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