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COMMUNIQUE OF MARÍA DOLORES DE COSPEDAL, DEPUTY OF THE PEOPLE’S PARTY FOR THE PROVINCE OF TOLEDO “Since I started to dedicate myself to politics, more than twenty years ago, I have had no other interest than to serve my country through acronyms, Popular Party, which reflects, better than any other political organization, the model of society in which I believe, the idea of ​​Spain that so many millions of Spaniards share, and the principles and values ​​that I have always defended. During the last ten years, I have had the honor of being the general secretary of the Popular Party, I have shared with many good people my hope for a better, freer and stronger Spain, for an authentically democratic Spain. I did not consider political activity just one more day. Being there, at any price, does not make sense, I have always felt it necessary to feel part of a project more important than myself, whatever the responsibility I may occupy in it. The confidence of the citizens to shape the political project that best lives their lives is the greatest privilege that a public representative can reach. I always needed to be part of a project that would convey a sense of pride in belonging to the public. Spanish nation. To assume as their own the values ​​of the defense of freedom, of solidarity as a political principle and of the rights and freedoms enshrined in our Constitution. I have had the opportunity to meet many people. I stay with all the good things, with the love I have received in so many moments. I have defended, and I would do it in the same way, the honor of my party and all its militancy. I humbly believe that my attitude towards the corruption cases that undeniably damaged the good name of the Popular Party, made me worthy of the authority to defend the honor of so many comrades who were the object of injustice, suspicion and abuse because of being part of my training. The different measuring sticks are a common practice in Spanish politics and the coverage of certain issues in relation to the Popular Party and those who are part of it has sometimes reached the point of cruelty. I have made many mistakes in my life, but I believe that my interlocution nine years ago with the head of a company authorized by the Ministry of the Interior is not one of them. I reiterate in this letter my absolute tranquility of conscience before what I did: listen and ask for clarifications, in my role as general secretary, who came to me to offer me information that could be of capital interest to clarify suspicious behavior that Justice later would qualify as The Partido Popular had the generosity to elect me, on the proposal of its president, general secretary in June 2008. A few months later, the existence of corruption cases of people linked to the party began to be known. People who took advantage of the acronym of an irreproachable political education to perpetrate crimes that have long been prosecuted. My obligation is to try to know what was happening. My duty was to support my party from the regeneration, although at the cost of winning numerous enemies. I would not have acted differently ten years later. I tried by all means within my reach, of course within the limits of the law, to know the problems that my party was experiencing. Was it expected that I would have looked the other way if I could know better what was happening? What political leader, what good businessman, does not try to know everything that affects his organization? It is a mortal sin to have spoken with a police commissioner who, at that time, let’s not forget, had just been decorated by the then Minister of the Interior of the PSOE, then I was wrong. But what I was sure was wrong was to ask my husband, Ignacio López del Hierro, to help me in an interview that was not easy. I was wrong when I asked him to help the PP. Now, he is paying for helping me to try to have a clearer vision of what was happening. I argued, because it was my duty, against those who betrayed my party and the trust of society. It has been an ungrateful and difficult job, but I have never regretted it either. I owed it to my people and I think also to all the Spaniards. I’ve never had to lie, I’ve never done it, I’ve always told the truth. And the truth is that I never ordered or charged to spy on anyone. I asked for more information to confirm if they were certain concrete questions that had been sent to me and that could affect certain people. That was my responsibility. ”
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