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With this draw, Barcelona is mathematically qualified for the round of 16
FC Barcelona drew 1-1 against Inter Milan with goals from Malcolm and Icardi. The Valverde besieged the goal of the negriazules and finally, after 24 shots without finding a goal, Malcom ahead on the scoreboard with his first official goal. However, a goal from Icardi in the 86 ‘put the tables on the scoreboard.

Barça faced Inter again without Messi. With the 2-0 of the first leg has already shown that there is a high level of ‘messidependencia’. However, Valverde waited until the last second and called the Argentine; who traveled to Milan but did not want to risk and saw the game from the stands.

Barcelona dominated the match against Inter from start to finish, but the lack of marksmanship during the first eighty minutes punished them with the tie on the scoreboard. A newcomer Malcom overtook them and made group leaders, but in one against Icardi got the tie and punished Barcelona.


The blaugrana siege. Barcelona found a goal up to 24 times: Valverde’s team did not find it difficult to reach the rival goal.


Handanovic. The Inter goalkeeper stopped shots from Luis Suárez, Rakitic and Dembélé. It was not intimidated with the Blaugrana dominion and it endured the siege during all the party.

Barcelona, ​​the group leader who still did not know the defeat in Champions, completely secured the pass as first to eighths if he won. Knowing that, they started strong: Valverde’s attacks came continually to Handanovic’s goal in a flood of occasions. The shots of Luis Suárez, who did not notice the absence of the Argentine, harassed the negriazuly goal a shot of Dembélé ran into a stretched Handanovic.

Those of Spalletti endured the downpour as they could, but the dominion was blaugrana. Suarez was becoming his worst nightmare. A shot of Vaseline by the Uruguayan went by a few centimeters luckily for the black and blue.

In the lines of the Italian set, the most dangerous attempts were those of Perisic, with a shot from the front, and a center of Nainggolan that met with an attentive Steigen Ste. Icardi finished from the girl, but went away.

But those of Valverde did not find a goal. The Inter, very delayed and weak in defense, counted on the luck of the blaugrana bad aim. Fortune was favoring the Italians, but it was only a matter of time before Barça opened the scoring. But when the aim of the Blaugrana did not fail, Handanovic was successful and the score remained untouched.

Siege Blaugrana without aim
After passing through locker rooms, the picture resumed at exactly the same point: Barcelona tried, but increasingly impatient and with nerves to the surface. The arrivals of the Inter were very scarce, but seemed closer to the goal of Ter Stegen than the Blaugrana shots. An error by Lenglet gave the opportunity to Neighbor, but the shot went high.

There was no way to enter. In a counterattack of Barça, Handanovic returned to stop a shot but the rejection was dead in the girl and Rakitic, from the baseline, put it for Suarez and he finished off, hitting the net. However, the ball had gone off the back line and the goal was canceled. Inter was exactly the same: it came a lot less, but it was more scary. A center of Perisic topped Poitano, but it was too crossed.

But in the end the perseverance beat the luck: a new entrant Malcolm was face to face with Handanovic and a crossed shot beat the goalkeeper after 24 shots without finding the net. Thus, the Brazilian was leading the Barça mathematically in his first official goal.

But happiness was short lived. Inter had eighty minutes taking advantage of the cons and the disadvantage on the scoreboard was the final motivation. A pass was found Icardi only in the area and after a turn, his low shot overcame Ter Stegen.

With the point of the tie, Icardi punished a Barcelona that deserved a better result. Thus, Barça is mathematically classified for the second round.


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