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The canterano stands as the team leader against a rubbery Young Boys with two goal assists for Santi Mina and the final goal

Rodrigo Moreno, despite not seeing the door, was responsible for opening gaps to his teammates to make the first win of the season in Mestalla

Carlos Soler, Santi Mina and Rodrigo Moreno were the indisputable pillars on which Valencia cemented the long-awaited first victory of the season in Mestalla last night. A vital triumph to stay alive in the Champions League, which serves to look to the future with more optimism. Whether or not it has been a turning point for Valencia will be before Getafe on Saturday. For the moment, breathe, that’s not little. [Narration and statistics]

At Valencia, goalless orphan, he needed to see the door to face things from another perspective, with more calm and poise. And before the Young Boys, where his European future was played, he did that player who is sweet. It had to be him: Santi Mina. The same that already relieved Marcelino against the Ebro in the Cup, making a double to turn the score. Repeated double in Champions. Like a sip of fresh water in the middle of the desert.

The first reached the edge of the quarter hour, when until then the Valencia tried to dominate, but without excessive conviction. More by impulses, against a Young Boys as shameless as in Bern, who played to play and to press very high.

But the light was made. Good part of that oxygen ball was manufactured by Rodrigo, who fell to the band, and dragged the central Von Bergen to open a corridor that Carlos Soler read well. The canterano hunted the ball and bit well before the departure of Balmoos. The ball crashed on the post, but Santi Mina, in his place, made the rebound good.

He rubbed his hands Mestalla, with a bit received as gold in cloth. It opened an apparently hopeful scenario because the Swiss were forced to step forward. The Young Boys not only continued to lean out in the vicinity of Neto – Assalé wasted a great free trademark opportunity – but he quickly retreated and covered all the gaps. Nobody is deceived, it is a more than limited team for the Champions League, but it plays to not give anything by applying the good football concepts of Seoane. Fight and play well, although yesterday was used to the limit, which generated the continuous protests of Valencia. In fact, the referee pardoned the second yellow to Ngamaleu after a hard entrance to Wass.

It was after an unmarked foul by Sanogo to Coquelin, when Young Boys created the draw. He left with spaces ahead. Fassnacht stepped on the area and centered back so that Assalé, with an impeccable right hand, put the boards.

Back to start without a leader raised the hand in the Spanish set. That role was taken by the young Carlos Soler, denatured when acting on the right, but unbalancing when he falls to the center. Nobody in the midfield had more lights than him, or Guedes, disappeared. It was like this, with a precise thread to the center of the area, as the second placed on a tray. You had to put it in, but with such a perfect center, Mina, again, did not miss it before going to rest. It was still to be seen if Valencia would make the fifth or would backtrack against a Young Boys who did not want to leave the game.

They planted battle the Swiss, but in the middle of the exchange of blows, Rodrigo Moreno, who took three defenders, could combine with Carlos Soler, who sentenced.

The canterano, in his best black and white match, faced the door and put the finishing touch to the rejoicing of Mestalla. A joy for the stands and Valencia in a vital moment of the course.


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