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A little more technological convenience, to be able to charge the mobile without having to be anchored to a cable or a power induction platform, but a breakthrough in the digital revolution that is being forged and even part of a social revolution with regard to our energy dependence, this is how the UPCT professor José Luis Gómez Torneo conceived the wireless transmission of energy, the subject of the talk he gave this afternoon at the School of Telecommunications during the inauguration of the IEEE Forum, a new monthly space for outreach in the Polytechnic of Cartagena.

“The systems of load by means of microwaves that are developing would work with the wifi, providing energy to distinct devices with independence of the place of domicile in which they are”, explains Gómez Tornero. “That would give mobility to the load,” he adds to differentiate the process from the current wireless charging devices.

“The Wireless Revolution will open the door to many advances in the Internet of Things, digitization, robotization …”, lists the Telecommunications Engineering teacher who sees the dependence on cables and chargers as “a technological bottleneck”.

The use of renewable energies, such as photovoltaics, to power these future charging systems by means of microwaves would make it possible to propose “a new paradigm” of energy independence “in front of power plants” and reduction of pollution associated with batteries and even conflicts derived from the scarcity of resources such as metals, said Gómez Tornero in an informative talk in which he has addressed various issues.

The IEEE UPCT Student Branch has inaugurated the IEEE Forum, “a space for talks, debates, interviews, seminars, gatherings, round tables … and any informative activity that promotes knowledge and reflection on new technologies and paper of the engineers in them, for the sustainable and responsible development of our society “, explain the students of this student association.


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