Source: City of Lorca

The document does not include the presence of the Tajo-Segura waterway in the Las Señoritas ravine, nor does it include the catalog of affected services and establishes a shelter of only 80 centimeters between the Guadalentín riverbed and the “cajón” of the roads.

The Mayor of Lorca, Fulgencio Gil, has informed the Burial Bureau that the municipal technicians have found two incidents of relevance in the document that arrived at the City Council last Monday and that includes the projections included in the informative study of the urban integration of the railway as it passes through the urban area of ​​our city.

Fulgencio Gil stressed that we must show that after an initial evaluation by our technicians, two circumstances that citizens should know, and that we have put on the table at the meeting of the burial platform have been detected. These are incidents that affect in particular the points indicated both for the beginning and the end of the section of burial on which we are working, that is, from the vicinity of the current San Cristóbal stop, which will have a new and modern station , and the existing zone once the ramble of Las Señoritas, in the vicinity of the Bertrand neighborhood.

The First Edil has exposed that in the first of the enclaves indicated technicians have found that the document provides a shelter of just 80 centimeters between the river bed Guadalentín and the tunnel that would house the 2 underground routes projected. It is always from the technical point of view, an excessively small distance, taking into account both the strength of the water that runs through the river in periodic episodes of heavy rainfall, and the margin of safety that is maintained in similar works. circumstances. Our technicians point out in this regard that this shelter between the riverbed and the “cajón” of the roads would have to be increased significantly by a sense of responsibility and safety, while avoiding possible cuts in railway communications due to floods.

The Mayor has indicated that once this circumstance was detected, he deepened in this particular matter, and it was recorded that the document does not contain any report on this fact by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation (CHS), nor does it include the necessary catalog of affected services, something that should be contemplated already.

Fulgencio Gil has explained, with respect to the second detected incidence, that the document sent to the Consistory does not foresee the fact that the burial can not interfere with the passage of the Tajo-Segura transfer channel that exists in the Las Señoritas rambla. In fact, this project has not foreseen its existence and the obligation to save this element. We are talking about a condition that had to be contained in the report, but it has not been done.

The Mayor has informed that these incidences will have to be included in the final informative study, which, in short, tells us that the burial section will have to be expanded by a distance that, according to the criteria of the municipal technicians , will not be less than 400 meters, which should be added to the 2.55 already mentioned. This is a very important fact that we have transferred to the members of the Platform for Burial with the aim of sharing the information we are obtaining, and in these particular events, proceed to communicate to Adif what we have detected, always from the institutional loyalty and the height of vision that requires the development of a project of the size that we have before us.

Fulgencio Gil has anticipated that the Underground Platform will work as a tool of work, analysis and useful, practical and open information, so we have integrated new members as representatives of Community of Irrigators, Villaespesa Soterrada, municipal technicians and Federation of Associations of Neighbors. We are talking about a strategic project whose social management requires us all to live up to its importance, there being no place for speculative positions and frivolities. We have to stay together, with a serious and responsible position.

The Mayor has said that the Department of Urban Planning will present a copy of the project so that all citizens know and have the opportunity to present the allegations they deem appropriate. In fact, the City Council will transfer as such the incidents already described, as well as others that may arise in the process of analyzing the document that is being carried out by the municipal technicians to supervise their more than 1,000 pages, and that they will be transferred to the Platform for Burying in a new work session prior to its presentation.


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