The president of Madrid, backed by Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Bayern, leads the project of the European aristocracy to create a new competition

He believes that it is the only way to compete with Premier and PSG money

In Kiev, the night before the last Champions League final, several top managers of Real Madrid had a drink with guests. To the surprise of those present, the conversation was not focused on the substitution of Bale or the threat of Salah, not even in the historical challenge of winning the third title in a row. No. It was mainly talked about the need to create a European Super League so that the old football aristocracy (with Madrid, Barça, Bayern and Juventus, in front) can continue to compete with the growth of the Premier and the irruption of the clubs-state . That is today the great obsession of Florentino Pérez and his team.

A few days ago, Football Leaks revealed the negotiations between the white president and the American company Relevent (that of the famous league match in Miami), promoter and patron of a tournament that would end the Champions League as we know it. A closed league with a fixed position for the greats of Spain, England, Italy, Germany and France, which would operate outside of UEFA and would boost revenues: prizes of up to 500 million for the winner and the promise to triple the current television revenues of the Spanish people.

But why is Madrid willing to blow up its fetish competition? Simple: consider that, after the Christian effect that has placed him in orbit at sports and marketing levels during these years, his current income will not allow him to maintain his leadership in the medium term. An identical scenario to the one that will be presented to Barça without Messi. And, on a smaller scale, to Juve, Bayern or Atlético if the Premier begins to take advantage in the sporting field of its economic advantage. And in it it is.

“There is no option to compete”
“Before, when you were going to sign a soccer player you competed with the big five and, if anything, the Tottenham. Now Southampton or West Ham can pay as much as you do. And it does not matter if Thebes goes to play one afternoon in Miami. By language and history, the USA and Asia are theirs, there is no option to compete for those markets, “they explain from one of the Spanish clubs involved in the project. And do not exaggerate. Last season, the WBA entered 108 million by TV worldwide, the least of the Premier. Atlético, third in Spain, won 99 (Barça and Madrid, around 140, less than Everton, seventh English). A situation that worries more, even, that the artificial wealth of a PSG or a City: that money can go from one day to another just as it came. The Premier’s is here to stay.

And there begins to crack an operation that, despite the empty threats of UEFA and FIFA, would be legally possible, as has already been seen with the Euroleague basketball, a clear precedent of what is now studied by football clubs. But, although these obstacles were overcome, what would not be feasible is a Super League without English and these, although they have remained in the negotiations, have no special interest in moving forward a project that would radically change a situation that favors them today: a great league on the weekend and the Champions in between. Win-win

The Premier is sacred
Because coexistence with national leagues is the point at which this attempt has derailed. Relevent, to finance the tournament, demands that it be played on weekends. A red line, to send your league to the background, which are willing to cross all but the English. That’s where they get off: the Premier is sacred.

“As much as Madrid and Bayern insist, this Super League will not be organized. What is happening is that the end of the Champions League TV contract is coming and they want to put pressure on UEFA to give us more in the cast, “predicts a senior manager of another of the Spanish clubs involved. It would not be the first time, since this same season the new distribution of income in the Champions League agreed last spring, already with the threat of this project of excision, for which during the next triennium the clubs will go to receive 1,400 million to 1,900. In addition, now, when it comes to distributing that money, historical results are valued more than those of recent years, thus rewarding the most classic teams.

“Actually, clubs do not care if they give us more or less money. In the end, everything ends up in the hands of the players. If we win 20, we pay them what is necessary to buy a Lamborghini. If we win 40, they will demand twice as much and two will be bought “, relativizes the previous manager. “Yes, but at least we can sign them,” Florentino would reply, not giving up even if the project seems to be mortally wounded. Just as Bernabéu was key to creating the European Cup, he sees in this Superliga his legacy. It’s your crusade and it’s not going to stop.


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