The PSOE will participate, along with other groups, in the march next Saturday through the streets of Archena as opposed to the criticized act of “The King of your house” for its macho connotations.

The march, organized by the Feminist Association ‘Sorority Archena’, will tour the main streets of the municipality and end with the reading of a manifesto in favor of real equality between men and women in the Plaza del Principe. This act responds to a call from a multitude of collectives to show a current and equal point of view of equality in society and as a protest against the institutional support that the City of Archena, governed by the Popular Party, has lent to the organizers after filtering some recordings of one of the organizers in which he claimed to be fed up with “women’s day” and “gay pride day” and claim a party “of the Iberian male.”

For the socialists, in the words of its Secretary General and Spokesman, Gonzalo Caracena “This type of acts should not fit in today’s society, much less try to cover through public institutions any type of machismo with euphemisms to silence mouths” which adds that “The socialists will participate in this march because real equality does not consist of kings or princesses, but participation. And on issues of equality we can not take a step back. Only forward. “


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