“Nearly 150 extreme left radicals tried to boycott the VOX act”

Source: VOX Murcia.

2,300 people have filled the hotel

“VOX is once again filling another act, this time in Murcia, the national president of VOX, Santiago Abascal, along with José Antonio Ortega Lara, accompanied by the provincial president of VOX in the Region, Pascual Salvador Hernández have managed to cram the hotel as soon as possible. which is the biggest act until the moment of VOX in Murcia 1200 people occupied the space enabled half an hour before it began and more than 1000 had to follow the act from outside the room.

The act began with words from the former PP, Lourdes Méndez Monasterio who said he left the party among other reasons “for not sufficiently defend the lives of the unborn.”

Pascual Salvador, provincial president, assured during his speech that VOX is already present in more than half of the municipalities of the Region and that he hopes to soon reach the 1000 affiliates in the province.

For his part, the former prison official, Ortega Lara, took the opportunity to charge against radicals of the extreme left who tried to boycott the act since for them “the Civil War was a trauma from which they have not recovered and now 80 years later they try to win it ”

Santiago Abascal, during his speech, did not hesitate to address one of the main problems that shake the Region as is the issue of water. VOX, said Abascal, “will defend the creation of a PHN and will defend it in Murcia and in Zaragoza or in any other point of Spain since it is a good that belongs to all Spaniards”

On the immigration said that VOX aims to control immigration and end the illegal that brings so many problems to Spain.

In regard to the gender ideology, he assured that VOX will eliminate the current Law against Gender Violence, since it discriminates against men and proposes a law of intrafamily violence that pursues all types of violence.

Finally, from VOX Murcia we want to thank all members, supporters and friends who have come to the event and also apologize to all those who had to follow him standing or outside the premises. We also want to thank the work developed during the afternoon by the National Police that has protected the entrance to the hotel at all times and has guaranteed that the event has been carried out without major problems.

We strongly condemn the insults, threats and even some aggression suffered by those attending the VOX act by the totalitarian concentrated in front of the hotel. “


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