The Socialist Party demands a solution to the situation of the health center of Puerto Lumbreras and demands again the immediate start-up of a SUAP in our municipality

Source: PSOE Puerto Lumbreras
The Health Center of Puerto Lumbreras continues to lack a stable emergency service, something that has been denounced since the Local Association in recent years. In the words of its general secretary, María Rosa García, “it is inadmissible that the Health Center of Puerto Lumbreras lacks a stable emergency service and that too often people come with an urgency and are not health personnel.”

The Socialist Party of Puerto Lumbreras, both through initiatives in the Municipal Plenary and through the Socialist Parliamentary Group of the Region of Murcia, has asked on numerous occasions to provide our municipality with a 24h Emergency Service. The general secretary, María Rosa García, reiterates that the absence of a stable emergency service “is causing situations of real risk to the health of the inhabitants who come for an emergency to the medical center and that must act before regretting situations of greater gravity.

The PAC (Point of Continued Attention) of Puerto Lumbreras, covers a population of more than 20,000 neighbors between the municipality and the districts of Almendricos and La Campana (Lorca), and as its name indicates, must pay attention continuously in service of emergencies It is totally inadmissible, in addition to an authentic recklessness, to find in its façade the indicative of “Emergency” and when entering not find any health personnel.

Since mid-2015, all political parties and the PP have been claiming, by one means or another, the implementation of an SUAP (Primary Care Emergency Service) in Puerto Lumbreras. This claim came to be reflected in the budgets of the Autonomous Community of the year 2016, where a budget item endowed with € 100,000 was collected at the proposal of the PSOE.

According to María Rosa García “it is totally incomprehensible that the PP has opposed this service on numerous occasions, endangering the health of people who come to the health center,” and hopes that “this time the Popular Party government team and its mayor, María Ángeles Túnez, support this initiative by providing the municipality with such a necessary service. “


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