The financial institution has signed an agreement with OMEP to promote female entrepreneurship in the region.

Fuente: OMEP Murcia

he president of Caja Rural Regional, Juan Andrés Jiménez, and the president of the Murcian Organization of Businesswomen and Professionals (OMEP), Manoli Marín, have signed a collaboration agreement for access to financing for companies associated with the Organization and the creation of new companies by women, by this financial entity.

Through this agreement, Caja Rural Regional offers OMEP members special conditions in several of the financial services. In addition, Caja Rural Regional already collaborates with OMEP in the development of various projects such as the OMEP Awards 2018, at the School of Art of Murcia, and the Cycles Educa in Equality and Entrepreneurship 2018, as the sponsoring entity.

Manoli Marín pointed out that “the collaboration between OMEP and Caja Rural Regional is consolidated as a relationship that allows our associates very advantageous products and services, in the first place, and the Organization a fundamental support for the development of projects of entrepreneurship and equality ”

The meeting was also attended by the members of OMEP Paloma Escudero and Josefina Lozano, the general director of Caja Rural Regional, José González Campillo, and the commercial director of the Savings Bank, José Antonio Fernández Escudero.


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