Source: Municipal Group MC Cartagena

It does not establish lines to Lorca, the northwest, Águilas or the Altiplano, while it keeps the veto to taxi drivers outside the city of Murcia

Yesterday, the Councilor for Development of the CARM, Patricio Valverde, presented the Mobility Plan of the infrastructure at the Corvera airport.

The main novelty is that there are no , the Autonomous Community maintains the veto to taxi drivers from outside the city of Murcia and establishes some lines of regular transport of insufficient passengers.

Insufficient measure, unsupportive and centralist

In this sense, the spokesman of the MC Cartagena municipal group, José López, criticized this situation as “insufficient, unsupportive and centralist, it does not respond to real needs, that is to say, a plan at the level of the one who proposes it”.

Inciding in this aspect, Lopez has reported that “they forget Lorca, the northwest, the Altiplano, Mazarrón or Águilas, because as always, their desire is to pass through Murcia to all travelers. the back to La Manga. ”

Also, the Cartagena councilor pointed out that “maybe they think they can go to Cartagena and from there to La Manga, but we share that obsession with making visitors pass through our city, we prefer that they come for the attractiveness of the municipality. , we demand that this and other omitted services be established. ”

José López stresses that “it is not an omission because the regional government has already refused during this term to increase the frequency of the Manga Bus and the buses from Cartagena, as we claim from the Municipal Plenary.”

Monopoly of taxi drivers in Murcia

The Executive of the Autonomous Community announced the flat rate of 29 euros for the transports that it establishes for the taxi drivers of the municipality of Murcia, the only ones that it authorizes to provide stop service.

On this novelty, Lopez regretted that “the Government of the Region gives a monopoly more to the city of Murcia, in this case the taxi, although it is an airport paid by all and call regional and international.”

In the same way, the MC spokesman has insisted that “this is done by the PP with the complicit silence of the PSOE, because some do not move and the others do not advance in the modification of the national regulation that would prevent the veto of taxi drivers in Cartagena , San Javier, Torre pacheco, Fuente Álamo and the rest of the municipalities of the region because they are not from Murcia “.

Finally, José López has said that from MC Cartagena “we will continue to demand justice and offer a regional taxi service and not local, we support the demands and mobilizations of the sector and, of course, in local key, we reproach Noelia Arroyo and Ana Belén Castejón for looking the other way while talking about support for the sector. “


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