His goal in the last minutes gives the group championship to England, who will seek the title of the League of Nations in June

Harry Kane bitter Spain on Sunday, when closer to the national team had that carambola that put him in the final playoff of the League of Nations. The English star gave victory to his own in the final minutes of the clash against Croatia, dismantling the tie that was triumphant for the team of Luis Enrique. England finished first group, Spain second and the third and descended Croats. [2-1: Narration and statistics] The owner of the stadium started as he should against a Croatia with grass still in the duel boots against Spain. They arrived with a sword on top. Victory in Zagreb, party somewhat exaggerated (the bluster of Lovren) and heading to Wembley to play almost a final: the victory had a premium in the form of qualifying for the playoff in June, the defeat meant the decline in the League of Nations and even the tie brought consequences. The tables left Spain first of group and if they were equal with goals, the Balkans at least did not go down to the second division of this new and convoluted competition that has been invented by the UEFA. The English tightened yet a Croatia pinned behind as a measure of survival. Without Rakitic in addition, there was only Modric to take care of the ball a little. The rest, the nerve of a team that has made the resistance its best virtue. The ability to sacrifice, many legs and some drops of quality. Thus endured the downpour of the troops led by Harry Kane, a striker who does everything, as well checked Spain in the Benito Villamarín. His pivoting in the center of the field breaks lines. The Tottenham striker turns his robust anatomy and the rival trembles. At the moment he has filtered the pass as if he were a fine midfielder. So he started to run Sterling, launched into the Croatian area. Kalinic’s stop kept the result dreamed of by Luis Enrique. Before, Modric’s team almost overtook a picky pickford, the English goal, clumsy outside the area. The fight Rebic (collides and then asks) threw it out. At 15 minutes, again England with everything, on a triple occasion that made the Croatian team sweat. This time it was Delph, the City footballer, who put her over the back of the rival for Sterling to repeat slalom. He could not either now with Kalinic, fast coming to the cut, or later Kane, in two consecutive shots. In the same corner, in one of those rehearsed plays that gave England so much in the World Cup, Kane failed at the far post, finishing only the ball that had been there. Croatia sighed, accustomed, as it was seen in Russia, to live to the limit. Temperate the locals, even requested a penalty Kramaric way of rest. Final frenzyRepeat England powerful corkscrew at the beginning of the second half and the Croats had no choice but to re-tighten their teeth. Rashford, the other plane that Gareth Southgate placed in his attack, squeezed from the right in a couple of good arrivals, something run over to solve. Croatia continued without trembling, waiting for its moment. He arrived early, at 57 minutes, in a Kramaric skirmish in the English area. Solito before all the defense, began to link feints, controls, footprints to the ball until the shot hole was sought. He had the fortune to touch a rival boot, taking the shot a diabolical parabola for Pickford. The Croatian fans jumped at Wembley and the locals felt the punch in the stomach. Suddenly turned off England, was forced to overcome the duel to save the category and, incidentally, win the group and get into the June playoff, because the 1-1 did not prevent their decline. Sparks from such a short tournament. From Las Palmas, the Spanish team looked with disappointment at the British bajonazo. Only his reaction, in the form of a draw, would give La Roja a prize. It was at that point very comfortable Croatia with the 0-1, but in a play on set pieces, the specialty of the pross came the tie longed for Spain. In a kilometer kick, Kane struggled to touch it at the far post to the small area, where Lingard flipped the ball. That 1-1 was glory for our team, but it was of little use to England, reactivated again. Such result sent him to the second category, therefore, he turned with rage for the victory. It was his superstar who lifted Wembley when there were only five minutes left. A set piece again, in a side fault, Kane put the tip inside the area to put the 2-1. The group again shaken, with Spain lamenting such a bad head in Zagreb. His six points only serve to keep him in the elite zone of the League of Nations. England will be looking for the title in the first week of June in Portugal. Croatia, after its World Cup success, ends up falling. Lovren may have celebrated too soon.


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