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The training proposes tax benefits in housing and birth, women and young people to fix the territory to the ‘support generation’ and avoid depopulation.
“We are not going to consent to ‘Spain Vacía’, we are going to give our rural world and our municipalities affected by depopulation a chance,” says deputy Miguel Garaulet

Citizens will not consent to the so-called ‘Spain Empty’, and has already launched an ambitious program of 250 measures to promote the rural world and curb depopulation. He has presented it in Ojós, the Murcian municipality with the smallest population and which has lost the most percentage in recent years. “Our program is based on creating opportunities and value to fix and attract all those who decide to develop their lives in our rural environment,” said deputy Miguel Garaulet, who believes that “depopulation can be reversed through a policy of territorial cohesion firm, the strengthening of polarity and, above all, of quality governance. We want a policy that effectively coordinates all planning, management and investment mechanisms, as well as that all the autonomous communities share their knowledge and experiences in this field. ”

Garaulet was the final speaker in a debate in which were also the president of Fecoam, Santiago Martínez and the professor of Applied Economics at the University of Murcia Francisco Carreño; while the orange spokesman in Ojós, Alberto Sánchez, acted as moderator after lamenting “seeing in the last ten years many friends leave the town due to the lack of opportunities, services and infrastructures”. The lack of coordination among the administrations to curb this depopulation was one of the topics on which the three speakers agreed more. Carreño also highlighted the “opportunity” that is presented to present concrete plans against depopulation through the negotiation of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Union. The secretaries of Organization and Institutional Action of Cs, Valle Miguélez and Francisco Álvarez also attended the event.

The orange deputy assured that the training is already working on establishing “a normative and strategic national, regional and local framework that allows us to guide, improve and regenerate territorial governance by applying greater decentralization and deconcentration of decision-making and the provision of services ” “We must establish fiscal benefits, both in housing and in births, and bet on women and young people, to protect and encourage the support generation – which goes from 30 to 49 years – of our rural world,” he said. concluded Garaulet.

Other measures would be to promote cooperation in planning and territorial investment through a transparent, open and flexible system; or establish specific European financial instruments to reverse depopulation and revitalize our rural. “We have missed an opportunity to address this problem, an opportunity in the form of more than 50,000 million euros arrived from the EU, but we are still in time to reverse the situation. We can not continue to allow young people to flee from the rural world due to the lack of job opportunities, due to insufficient access to basic services such as education, health or social benefits. We can no longer allow the absence of proximity services in these nuclei threatening depopulation, such as telecommunications, banking services or leisure, which have been degraded by a governance of very low quality by the previous political managers, ” Miguel Garaulet has finished.


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