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Pact for the Mar Menor: “We have been saying it for years: we must act in origin”.
We have not tired of saying it since we formed as a citizen platform Covenant for the Mar Menor. However, the administration has not understood that the threats that loom over the lagoon are the same for 40 years: agriculture, urbanism, mining, wastewater … and that we must go to the bottom of the problems to prevent disasters as serious as those that have occurred these days of November, and that have been occurring since 2015 with quite frequent and little amount of rain (have not exceeded 50 l / m2), do not occur again.

The Mar Menor is a bucket that collects the pluvial waters of the adjacent basin. The torrential rains are nothing new in this area, they have been happening for thousands of years. But what is new is the savage clearing that has destroyed terraces and rainfed trees that were cultivated in terraces and that helped to stop and absorb rainwater when it falls impetuously in our region. It is also new the use of chemical products (fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, etc.) that use that unsustainable agriculture of its surroundings and that logically are dragged by the rain water along with the eroded lands through ramblas and ramblizos. New is that it was allowed and still allowed to build on floodplains and that the natural courses of rainwater that now claim their passage are diverted. And again also, that unsealed mines were left whose heavy metals reach the Mar Menor with the runoff from the Sierra Minera.

The administration of the Region of Murcia has opted for the million dollar investment in storm tanks: deposits that capture and retain rainwater, especially when there is very intense rainfall, but also have the function of purifying the first waters, which are the most contaminated before reaching the Mar Menor. However, with the strength and volume of rainwater that falls in our region, they can hardly carry out this attack, as has been proven these days.

The mayor of San Javier, accompanied by the Minister of Environment and general director of the Mar Menor, claims that the allegations are now resolved to the Zero Discharge Project and the works begin … Magic word: works. The councilor forgets that the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategy of the Socio-ecological System of the Mar Menor and its Surroundings is in a drawer of the administration that governs his party for three years; that the Law of Urgent Measures to guarantee the environmental sustainability of the Mar Menor was approved in February of this year and has not been implemented and that they do not intend to initiate the drafting of an Integral Law of the Mar Menor.

Now imagine that the most urgent for our leaders will continue to be to restore the state of the beaches for Christmas and Easter, will continue to fill with sand the banks of this lagoon that never had extensive beaches, and wait for the next storm to return them to swallow

Finally, in a region where the greatest environmental disasters have occurred in the entire Mediterranean (Portman and Mar Menor), the patch is still being applied at the end of the process instead of correcting the causes that produce them.

Coordination group. Pact for the Mar Menor


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