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The Socialist Party of Cieza affirms that the arrival of the hybrid train to Cieza is in the final stretch. The mayor of Cieza, the socialist Pascual Lucas, wants to close the concrete date of arrival of the train in Cieza and for this, has requested an appointment with Diego Conesa.

The socialist group of Cieza vindicates the train stop in Cieza for lack of knowing the stop date. Since the Platform of the Variant was established, its position has not changed, the Socialists have had an impact on the stop of two trains, one round and one, to replace two of the existing Altaria trains, in unison with the demands of the platform.

In addition, since the hybrid trains were launched, the mayor has held up to three meetings with Diego Conesa. Conveying an open meeting with the political groups with representation in the Town Hall and the PVxC. After them, it has continued with constant communication and taking commitments from the Delegation.

In the words of the government delegate: “When the Camarillas Variant is ready, if not before, Cieza will have its stop.” Subsequently, in the Commission on infrastructure in the Regional Assembly, Conesa announced that it had requested RENFE to stop at the Cieza station before the end of the year.

The socialists continue to reaffirm our commitment to the train and infrastructure ciezanas. We hope that the Government Delegate will confirm the train and the ciezanos and ciezanas, as well as the citizens of the north and northwest of the Region can join the high speed. As soon as we have the meeting and the stop date closes, the rest of the citizenship will be announced, say socialist sources


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