Source: FAMU

The athletics track of the Sports Center “La Hoya” will be witness to the I League Day of Clubs Sub10 and Sub12 and Semifinal Individual P.C., as well as the Championships of March on the Winter Track of the Region of Murcia.
Almost a month after starting the 2018/19 season, it will be time to start the competition as far as the regional track is concerned. This is how it will be this Saturday, the 24th, at the athletics track of the “La Hoya” Sports Center, in Jumilla, witness of the I Championship of Clubs Benjamín y Alevín P.C. and I Individual Semifinal, as well as the Promotion Championship on the Winter Track of the Region of Murcia, under the organization of the Athletic Club Jumilla.

In the case of this League of Clubs and Individual of Minors of Winter, it is necessary to emphasize that, after the appointment of Saturday, it will be necessary to wait for next the 8 of December for the dispute of the II Day, to celebrate in the track of athletics of the Stadium Monte Romero, in the University Campus of Espinardo. It will be January 20 when the III Day is celebrated, having as headquarters the athletics track “Úrsula Ruiz”, in Lorca.


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