Ana Pastor has expelled Gabriel Rufián from Congress after a scuffle with Josep Borrell
The Foreign Minister has denounced that a deputy of ERC has spit on him in the Chamber after the expulsion of Rufián.

Gabriel Rufián, expelled from Congress after insulting Borrell / CADENA SER

Shameful day in the session of control to the Government with a new chapter carried out by a habitual one, Gabriel Rufián. Ana Pastor, president of the Congress of Deputies, has decided to expel the ERC spokesman after several warnings without him attending after a tense scuffle with Josep Borrell.

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Rufián has attacked Borrell, whom he has described as “unworthy and hooligan”. “Mr. Borrell, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while, you’re the most unworthy minister in the history of Spanish democracy. You are a hooligan, a member of the Catalan Civil Society, an embarrassment to your parliamentary group because it is an organization of the extreme right, “said Rufián.

“Once again he has poured over the hemicycle that mixture of sawdust and manure that is the only thing you are capable of producing,” said Borrell, who has received the applause of his bench. During the applause of the Socialists, Rufián has made gestures of mockery that have led Pastor to call attention to the Catalan deputy without this heeding the president of Congress which has led Pastor to expel the spokesman of ERC, which has been accompanied by the rest of the deputies of the formation.

Complete sequence of the rififf of Rufián y Borrell and the subsequent speech of Ana Pastor

After the expulsion, Pastor has made a plea on the importance of respect in politics and a criticism about the absence of manners that usually preside over the debates in Congress. “There are not only verbal insults in the Chamber, there is lack of respect for the Presidency and attitudes that are unpresentable,” said Pastor, who has been excited and has received the applause of the deputies.

“We are going to remove the fascist and coup words from the Journal of Sessions,” said the president of the Congress. “This newspaper will be read in a hundred years and we have to represent the best of the history of Spain,” he recalled.

Spit to Borrell
The Foreign Minister has denounced that a deputy from ERC, who has not wanted to identify, has spit on him, at the moment when the republican parliamentarians left the plenary in protest of the expulsion of their spokesman, Gabriel Rufián.

“This is the place where you argue with the word, not where you spit at the deputies,” Borrell said after the expulsion.

Subsequently, Joan Tardà has appeared accompanied by all the deputies of ERC and has denied that the minister has been spat on and has urged the services of the camera to put the recording. Tardà has assured that they will call fascists those who call them coup-makers and has described Borrell as “superb” and “liar”.


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