Fuente: Asamblea Regional de Murcia

The president of the Regional Assembly, Rosa Peñalver, who participates in the Azores in the annual plenary session of the Conference of European Regional Legislative Assemblies, CALRE, has been re-elected coordinator of this Group for 2019.

During the plenary, Peñalver gave an account of the work carried out by this working meeting during 2018 and has also presented the main conclusions, while claiming that the Group becomes permanent at CALRE because “it is a priority for the Parliaments , the institutions closest to the citizens and the most democratic, because they gather all the sensitivities, keep working on this cross-cutting issue, in order to advance in real equality between women and men, regardless of the political changes that take place there ” .

Peñalver has achieved the unanimous support of those of the 74 Parliaments and Legislative Assemblies that make up the CALRE to make this Group permanent, together with the Subsidiarity Group, led by the President of the Assembly of Extremadura, Blanca Martín, and whose purpose is to promote the cooperation between regions to enhance equity in the distribution of resources.


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