Source: Totana City Council
In order to avoid unnecessary risks in purchases
The Service of Advice to the User of the Municipal Services of the Department of Economic Development of the City of Totana makes a series of recommendations on the occasion of the “Black Friday’2018” in order to avoid unnecessary risks in purchases coinciding with this campaign.

Although there are a few days to evaluate offers and compare prices, it would be convenient to observe the following considerations regarding security, how to use official and trusted pages, raise the level of security of passwords, enter pages with https protocol.

In addition, it is suggested to check in the payment gateways that the page is encrypted (you can see a padlock next to the web address), do not use public wi-fi and always close the session at the end of purchases, and use exclusive cards for purchases on line with an adjusted balance.

Similarly, in general, it is recommended to have a list of items that really need to be purchased, to have sufficient information on the characteristics and prices of the items on the days before “Black Friday” and to keep payment receipts and conditions of payment. return.

It is reported that the conditions of guarantees are the same as the rest of the year, so that purchases made outside permanent commercial establishments (internet, home visits, etc.) have 14 calendar days to make refunds; and advocates to acquire products in establishments attached to the Consumer Arbitration System is an additional guarantee to resolve claims.

The new annual event of consumerism has changed its name and dates, the “Black Friday” has come to stay; and the custom of the USA where, after the Thanksgiving dinner, the shops kept their doors open and the products were offered at prices with great discounts, it has moved to a large part of the planet.

Moreover, depending on the places and the imagination of the sellers, the days and ways of offering numerous articles are expanding. Thus, from the “Singles’Day” on November 11, until the “Cyber ​​Monday” (26/11), there is a whole chain of offers such as “Offers Countdown”, “Black Friday Week”, “Campaign of the World Shopping Day “,” Campaign previous black label “,” Super Tecnoprecios “,” I love Black Friday “, among others.

The “boom” of this phenomenon had to have some counterpart and the professionals of the scam have found a good vein, since thousands of web pages have already been located (most of them hosted on “.online” domains) from which to deceive the avid buyers


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