Source: Agencies

Illusion and hope are the two words that best define the third phase of the capital increase that Real Murcia SAD is currently carrying out.

And the Sardinera Group does not want to be alien to this exciting and hopeful process, so it has been personally involved in this expansion process with an initial contribution of more than 3,000 euros, which involves the acquisition of some 25,000 shares.

With almost 170 years since its creation in 1851, the Sardinera Group is an integral part of life in Murcia and feels the responsibility of participating with another centenary institution, such as Real Murcia SAD.

For this reason, the Sardinera Group is committed to the institutions and the society of Murcia, contributing its bit in this expansion campaign that is in its third phase and is having very good reception.

The purchased titles, which have a value of 12 cents each, suppose an endorsement of the new board of directors and the commitment with the society of Murcia that the Sardine Group usually lends unselfishly, in this case with the grana fans and the club itself.


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