In the heat of debate on the model of access to the teaching and after the critics to the government of the state for not including the opinion of the teachers in the days #YoSoyProfe. The interim association publishes a survey carried out on more than 500 teachers, in the majority of respondents agree on the need for transparent processes and that value the experience.
In the more than 6 years of our association’s life, we have always insisted on the need for educational policies to be consulted with the entire educational community and, especially, those that have to do with teachers, to be consulted with them. In these years many have been our assemblies and consultations, to reach an agreement on an access model that we consider is the most appropriate and can be consulted on our website.
Two weeks ago the government of the state convened the conference #YoSoyProfe, at which time Angel L. Hernández, president of AIDMUR, showed the dissatisfaction of this group for not taking into account the opinions of the teachers “Several days of machaque in the press about the little formation of the teaching staff. Today the government at the #YoSoyProfe conference announces that they will modify access to teaching and masters to choose “the best”, in a forum without teachers or teachers, with “experts”. In Murcia we are already used to this way of acting by the Ministry of Education, but we thought that the mood on the part of the government would be different, we hope there will be a change and the opinion of the group will be taken into account.
Continuing with the intention of collaboration with the state and regional educational bodies we want to make public a survey in which more than 500 teachers have participated. In this survey there is a majority support for the experience as a value, a frontal rejection of the MIR teacher, the majority of the teachers consulted, 88%, I would bet a consolidation process based on a contest of merits and an overwhelming majority 90% believes that the current oppositions are unclear and transparent, and see a process with more guarantees and objectivity necessary.
From AIDMUR we want to appeal to educational administrations, regional and state, to take into account the views of our group, feel and dialogue with those who are in the classroom every day. In the same way we want to make an appeal to the trade unions, in the midst of the electoral process, to incorporate the opinions of the interim teachers into their electoral programs.
P.D: You can consult the complete analysis of the survey in


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