Source: Ministry of Public Works

The land was expropriated in February 2017, after previously notifying the property that the highway passed over the factory

Due to non-compliance with the deadline for the transfer of its facilities, established in 18 months, today the expropriated land is occupied with judicial authorization

The Ministry of Public Works, in March 2015, informed the owners of the FAROLIVA factory that its facilities are on the route of the Reguerón motorway, therefore it is necessary to demolish it.

Subsequently, in February 2017, 805,651.07 euros were paid to the owners, in the form of Prior Deposit and Indemnification for Quick Occupancy, with which the Ministry of Public Works became the owner of the land, and gave compensation to the company could carry out the transfer of the facilities.

After receiving the aforementioned amount, the company requested an extension of 18 months to carry out the transfer, which was granted by the Administration.

After that period, the company was asked to leave the factory, but instead, the property requested a new extension and a proposal to remove a lane of the highway, such proposal was legally unfeasible.

Consequently, judicial authorization has been obtained to occupy the expropriated lands, which will take place today, Monday, November 26 at 10 o’clock in the morning.


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