Source: Totana City Council
It was organized by the Athletics Club of Totana
The Athletics Club of Totana organized in the morning of last Saturday the I Stay against Gender Violence, in the Municipal Sports Center “December 6”, with the collaboration of the Department of Women and Equal Opportunities, in which they participated Dozens of people in a great festive and convivial atmosphere.

The councilors of Women and Equality of Opportunities, Eulalia Moreno, and Urbanism, Carlos Ballester, as well as numerous members of the organizing club and amateurs of athletics met in the same.

In addition, today continue the activities with the “Workshop of Animation to Reading: Story with Older People”, which will read stories in favor of equality, freedom to choose and the daily heroism of women (municipal library ” Mateo García “; 17:30 hours).

Today Monday, at 8:00 pm, the reading of texts by struggling and transgressive writers will be celebrated, with the collaboration of the National Library of Spain and the need to give visibility to great writers who showed their disagreement with insubmission intellectual at different times (municipal library “Mateo García”, 5:30 pm).

This week, in addition, on Tuesday and Thursday, November 27 and 29, will be held the Workshop on Personal Defense of Women taught by the instructor entitled Aikido and Self Defense by the Higher Sports Council, José Valero Molino (Sala Escolar from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.).

During these weeks are also holding Workshops on Sensitization and Prevention of Gender Violence in Adolescents in Secondary Education centers in Totana that will teach CAVI technicians and other training actions for beneficiaries of the “El Candil” Colectivo programs.

These workshops given by “El Candil” will take place in the Social Center of San Roque, in the social classrooms of “El Parral” and “Era Alta”; and in them a creative workshop against gender violence, the storyteller “Arturo and Clementina” (21, 22 and 23 November from 16:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.-) and the workshop on equality of opportunities and perspective of gender (two talks given by the CAVI with participatory dynamics -30 November).

The councilor thanked the associations involved for their collaboration, in this case the Athletics Club of Totana; as well as the technicians of the CAVI and the own Council; and stressed that the associative fabric of the Municipal Council of Equality is being renewed.


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