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They will work on projects of social interest such as support for people at risk of exclusion or intervention with people affected by HIV.
The counselor Javier Celdrán meets with the beneficiary associations and stresses that “this program is for many of these young people their first contact with the labor market”

A total of 82 young people registered as unemployed in the SEF and beneficiaries of Youth Guarantee will work for a period of six months in 27 non-profit associations of the Region of Murcia, thanks to a total grant of 900,000 euros granted by the Employment Council , Universities, Business and the Environment, through the SEF. The success of this program and the level of requests has made its allocation increase by 33 percent compared to 675,000 euros in 2017.

The entities will incorporate these young people to work on projects of social interest such as the training of women at risk of gender; the intervention with people affected by HIV or support for the socio-occupational insertion of people at risk of exclusion. In this work they will benefit from these grants co-financed by the European Social Fund, which will serve to remunerate young people between 16 and 29 years old for their participation in these initiatives.

The counselor Javier Celdrán maintained today in the facilities of the Hospitality School of Caritas a meeting with people in charge of these entities, such as Cáritas, Famdif, Cruz Roja or Rascasa Association, to whom he thanked “his great involvement in a shared goal: that of offering a labor “push” to young people who, in many cases, will get their first contact with the labor market “.

The objective of this measure is to allow these young people to acquire in those six months the necessary work experience to increase their chances of finding a future job. Another possibility is that, once the project is finalized, they are definitively hired by the entity. In this respect, the records of this program in previous years show that this insertion occurs in approximately half of the cases.

“This program has demonstrated a high efficiency and an extraordinary utility, because while it manages to activate and employ a young unemployed, their work in these associations is for the benefit of the groups that need it most. Editions are still working today in the entity that hosted them in principle only for six months, and that should be the final goal, “said Javier Celdrán.

Interviews to select the participants

After surveying its database, the SEF has already transferred to the entities the unemployed young people that best fit the profiles they seek for their projects, and now it is the entities themselves that are carrying out the final selection processes. All projects will be launched before December 31 of this year.

In addition to the aforementioned, other entities benefiting from the grants are the Association of Relatives and Friends of Alzheimer’s Disease of Cartagena, the Murcia Multiple Sclerosis Association, the Dyslexia Association of Yecla, the Abraham Project, La Huertecica, the Hospitality Foundation Santa Teresa, Traperos de Emaús, the Community Development Institute, the Murciana Foundation for Mental Health or the Association of Physically Handicapped People of Jumilla.


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