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The Construction Labor Foundation gave this course within the collaboration agreement that it maintains with the Jesús Abandonado Foundation of Murcia
A total of 27 unemployed workers were trained with the Construction Foundation of Murcia in Occupational Risk Prevention (PRL), to improve their employability and the possibilities of finding a job in the construction sector of the region.

The course, of the specialty of PRL for works of Masonry, of 20 hours, and collected in the VI General Agreement of the Construction Sector (CGSC), was delivered, from November 15 to 17, in the facilities of the Employment Center and Training, of the Jesus Abandoned Foundation of Murcia, through funds from the Joint Organization for Prevention in Construction (OPPC).

The training action is the result of the agreement that both entities have maintained for several years in terms of training and employment, with the aim of qualifying and improving the employment situation of the most disadvantaged groups in the region of Murcia.

The students who successfully completed this training action were able to consult the procedures for applying for the Professional Construction Card (TPC), a tool closely linked to training in risk prevention, which is available to workers in the construction sector. construction, and that endorses their work experience, their professional qualifications and the training received.

According to the Technician of Employment and Training of the Jesus Abandoned Foundation, Cristina Lucas, thanks to this type of training given by the Labor Foundation “allows an improvement of employability, which will ensure you expand the options of finding a job” the students attending.

The Fundación Laboral de la Construcción and the Fundación Jesús Abandonado have a collaboration agreement in force that includes the carrying out of studies and projects, cooperation in the development of social awareness and dissemination programs or mutual advice on matters related to the activities of both entities.


The Jesus Abandoned Foundation, which develops its work in the Region of Murcia together with the Hospitaller Order of San Juan de Dios, provides comprehensive care to people in situations of social exclusion or at risk of being, which includes prevention and satisfaction of the basic needs to access housing or a decent job.

The Employment and Training Center of Murcia is the result of the selfless collaboration of the Casanova Trinitarian Foundation with the Jesus Abandoned Foundation.


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