Source: Feremur
The Regional Federation of Students Murcianos Feremur, majority and representative of 75% of the associated students of secondary education in the Region of Murcia vindicates this measure of a social nature within its campaign “Seal of confidence Feremur” for the improvement of Education.

Feremur vindicates the implementation of the subject of Education in Values ​​to extend the scope of education so that it is not limited to the teaching and learning of subjects, skills and agendas, raising goals related to the moral sphere and civility, with final objective deform responsible citizens.

The education in values ​​is very broad, which requires the involvement of both the teachers and the educational community and, especially, of the parents and also of society in general, according to a statement from the Student Federation.

The President of Feremur, Rafael Olmos, affirms that “through education in values ​​we must empower and strengthen a culture and a way of being and behaving based on respect for others, inclusion and democratic and supportive ideas”

The Student Federation emphasizes that in the current environment, characterized by social complexity and economic globalization and culture, educating in values ​​is emerging as an essential issue to train citizens who are capable of taking on new challenges and actively commit themselves, playing an active and effective role in the construction of a much more just, inclusive, equitable and intercultural world.


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