Fuente: Ayuntamiento de Archena

The Board of Local Government of Archena has approved, at the proposal of the Councilor Alicia Medina Palazón the realization of a series of works for the improvement of the Study Class of the Civic Center of La Algaida, due to the deterioration that this room currently presents. In addition, says the Councilor, the furniture is not enough or adequate for some units for that purpose. Therefore it is approved to start the file for the remodeling of said classroom. The budget for both furniture and works is more than 6,200 euros.

Likewise, the bases for the establishment of a temporary job board to fill youth information offices for the municipality were approved in this same session. The stock exchange will last for one year, extending in annual periods. The functions of the Youth Reporters are, among others, the organization and management of information services for young people that respond to the interests and needs of this sector of the population, developing training actions and promoting socio-educational activities within the framework of education. formal.


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