Coordinated by Parish Caritas of the Church of San Juan Bautista, during the weekend an extensive campaign was held to collect food, especially non-perishable foods (oil, milk, cookies, muffins, etc …), mainly in the five large supermarkets, to meet the needs of people and families with scarce resources or without any.

This year more than a hundred volunteers have participated in the campaign since last Friday, from the brotherhoods: de Animas, Santas Mujeres, Nuestro Padre Jesus, San Juan, Cristo de la Sangre, Cáritas, Cristo del Perdón, Monte Calvario , Cross of the Mirrors, Christ of the Great Power, Sorrowful Virgin, and Resurrected. The brotherhoods of the Miraculous Virgin and Corpus Christi Virgen de la Salud, along with the CCTT bands of OJE Archena and Santísima Cruz de los Espejos, have also joined the campaign.

On this occasion, they hope to exceed what was achieved in the past year, which was several tons.

From Europe we give a warm applause to those volunteers.


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