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The Socialists collapse 14 seats and the sum of Podemos and IU loses three before the advance of the rights. Citizens grows in 12 deputies, the PP leaves seven and the Vox ultras break into 12

At 90.52% of scrutiny, the PSOE suffers a sharp decline in these elections, achieving 34 seats compared to the 47 achieved in the elections of 2015. The PP remains the second most voted force, achieving 26 seats and meeting the 20.60% of the votes, while Ciudadanos reaches 20 seats, compared to the 9 that had so far in the Andalusian Parliament.

Election day, live
The national key of the transcendent Andalusian elections
The data of the count can not be disseminated before 22:15 by the incidents in some tables
Participation remains 5 points below 2015
Susana Díaz, rebuked during her vote
Marine Le Pen congratulations to his “friends” of VOX
Adelante Andalucía obtains 17 seats, 16.17% of the votes. The big surprise of the night is the VOX that would enter for the first time in the Andalusian Parliament with 12 deputies, gathering 10.83 percent of the support. In 2015, it only managed to gather 0.46% of the votes in Andalusia.

The autonomous elections of 2015 were won by the PSOE with 35.43 percent of the votes and 47 seats, followed by the PP with 26.76 percent and 33 seats. In third place we can with 14.84 percent and 15 seats. For its part, Ciudadanos won 9.28 percent of the votes and 9 seats. Finally, Izquierda Unida won 6.89 percent and 5 seats.


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