The PSOE is emerging as the most voted force on 2-D, but far from the absolute majority, which opens the door to the unknowns
Source: Cadena Ser

A total of 302,768 Andalusians may exercise their right to vote for the first time in a regional election on Sunday, December 2, representing 4.62 percent of the 6,541,785 voters summoned to the polls in the community, according to final data of the Electoral Census Office.

At eight o’clock in the morning, the polling stations were opened to facilitate access to their seats to the members of the polling station, president or president, members and alternates. At eight-thirty the polling stations are set up and at nine o’clock the opening to access the voters is carried out.

The Cadena Ser in Andalusia will offer everything that happens during this day in each newsletter. At 12.00, with the direction of Fernando Pérez Monguió, we will offer a special informative program in which we will know how to proceed until that moment of the day.

At 20:30 Pepa Bueno, from Seville, will be the one who will narrate the summary of the day and who will go, until 23.30 offering the official data of the electoral result in Andalusia.


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