The Spanish national team lifted for the first time the women’s World Cup sub’17 after beating Mexico 2-1 thanks to a double by Claudia Pina in the match played at the Charrúa de Montevídeo stadium. Yeclana Eva Navarro is a fundamental part of this team that has made history for Spain.

Catalina Coll; Jana Fernández, Ana Tejada, María Méndez, Nerea Nevado; Eva Alonso, Irene López (m.76 Leire Pena), Paola Hernández (m.89 Paula Arana); Eva Navarro, Claudia Pina and Salma Paralluelo (m.66 Aixa Salvador).

Jaidy Gutiérrez; Reyna Reyes, Tanna Sánchez, Ximena Ríos, Nicole Soto; Nicole Pérez, Silvana Flores, Anette Vázquez (m.46 Nayeli Díaz); Natalia Mauleón, Denis Castro (m.67 Aylin Avilez) and Alison González (m.77 Fatima Arellano).

1-0, m.16: Claudia Pino. 2-0, m.26: Claudia Pino. 2-1, m.29: Denise Castro
The Canadian Marié-Soleil Beaudoin. He admonished Reyna Reyes (m.56), Ana Tejada (m.65) and Nerea Nevado (m.92).
Final match of the Women’s World Cup sub’17 that was played at the Charrúa stadium in Montevideo.
The Spanish team started strongly and with the aim of taking control of the ball and not abandon the Mexican field until the first goal was scored. So much that did not wait, because in the 16th minute the Spanish forward Pina managed to dodge gracefully the barrier of the ‘tri’ and mark the first goal – and his sixth goal of the tournament – thanks to a powerful left foot.

Three minutes later, the Barça player was going for the double, but the American forward Tanna Sánchez swept it. Action that the Canadian collegiate Marié-Soleil Beaudoin did not consider necessary. Pina did not rejoin, but she took revenge of the Mexicans to the few minutes when marking the second as much of the day.

Gallery. Eva Navarro (i) celebrates a goal with Claudia Pina (d). / EFE
Before the win, the Americans came in droves to the red field, which was heavily protected by European. After a corner the Mexican Denise Castro, head, managed to give the first goal to Mexico and return the excitement to the game.

The attempt of the third goal of Spain came both from forward Eva Navarro, with a shot that was deflected, as by that of midfielder Irene Lopez, with several shots on goal that were stopped by Jaidy Gutiérrez. During the second half, they continued to see the overwhelming Spanish dominance and the aggressive Mexican game.

The Spanish team raises the cup after winning the World Cup. / EFE
The Spanish captain Catalina Coll was noted after stopping a shot by Mexican Noemi Granados looking for a draw.

The lack of goals meant that the indications of the coaches Mónica Vergara and Toña Is resonated in the field with increasing force, with the help of their captain Nicol Perez and her goalkeeper, she began to notice and fought with her best game to try to tie.


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With the rise of the Mexicans, fouls began to become more present and the Spanish deflated, so their shots on goal began to show less calibrated. Mexico’s last chance was two direct free from the captain, who did not reach the red barrier. Meanwhile, the team of Toña Is could add to its European championship the World Cup in Uruguay.



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