Source: City Council of Archena

The work called ‘clearing and repair of several rural roads, ditches, degraded areas and treatment of runoff among other places, in Monte Ope’, relative to the Program of Promotion of Agrarian Employment, “S.E.P.E. – COMARCAL JOB TESTS 2018 “, has begun this morning in various areas of the municipality.

It is a program of collaboration of the Public State Employment Service with Local Corporations, for the hiring of unemployed agricultural workers in the performance of works and services of general and social interest, whose total salary cost is financed by the Public Employment Service State.

For the completion of the work has hired 33 agricultural workers unemployed Archena full-time, and the duration is 3 months.

During this period will be carried out the cleaning of the lands dragged and the clearing of bushes and bushes in several rural roads of the municipality and branches of trees that interfere with the transit of farmers and pedestrians will be cut.

The review and refurbishment of the Ecotourist trails and viewpoints of the Municipality, especially those of Mount Ope, will also be carried out. In this mountain will also be made with materials of the terrain (stones and bushes) a series of stops of runoff water or specks in order that the mud that drains does not reach the streets of the urban area when torrential rains occur.


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