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Real Murcia have not been able to reconnect this afternoon with the victory after playing with fire almost the whole game after an early goal from Dani Aquino, although ten minutes from the end, an old acquaintance of the Granada house, Carlos Álvarez, has rescued a point that goes to Jumilla (1-1). The granas chained six consecutive days without winning the changes made today by Manolo Herrero to try to ensure victory have ended condemning the team to a draw.

The first half between grains and wine has left a couple of flashes and much equality in every way. In fact, the first ten minutes were a monologue on the part of those of Leonel Pontes, who sinned of a lot of possession, but without scarcely creating danger. The Jumilla has started with some lines so advanced that it was impossible Murcia at times to pass the visitor wall. However, when it seemed that the visitors were better he brought out his left leg Dani Aquino in the 16th minute to score a great goal that put Manolo Herrero ahead and that in one way or another has begun to change the match.

The rush of visitors to try to match the contest have led to the Murcia to feel comfortable during the final stretch of the first act, where the internships of Josema have been the most dangerous weapon taught by locals. A play by the canterano that ended with a deflected shot by Alfaro was the other most outstanding action of Murcia in the first forty-five minutes.

Going through the locker room a priori has made it better for a Murcia that started as a shot with an individual play by Josema that ended with a center that almost manages to finish Chumbi. After football has gone back to the background and the game has been gradually becoming a game of more contact than circulation of the ball. And in this war the Murcia has also taken risks because the Jumilla cared little lost by one that by two, which has caused the last twenty minutes have been domain visitor. And the dominance of the Jumillano has been awarded with a painful goal ten minutes from time, when a perfectly executed by Óscar Rico has been used by ex-Carlos Carlos Alvarez to rescue a point that was his home for two years. And thank you had to give Murcia two minutes from the end, when Armando has taken from under the goal line a ball that was going to be a painful comeback.


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