Source: Contigo Somos Democracia Región de Murcia
The healthy itineraries are routes located in our city that have been conditioned and permanently signaled and are destined to the realization of moderate physical activity
These developed itineraries have an approximate length of between 4 and 6 kilometers, thus conforming to the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization).

In 1999, the WHO referred to these spaces, using the terms “Environments that support health” and “Favorable Environments” to define places that provide protection against health risks.

The councilor not attached and vice president Javier Trigueros blame irresponsibility that the Consistory of the city of Murcia has not taken advantage of the calls that may mean benefits for all Murcia, regarding the subsidies of healthy itineraries, this being a clear act neglect of functions by part of the corporation, since it is a subsidy of 350,000 euros that they have let escape.

Our Constitution, Magna Carta of the Spanish State, in its article 43.3 says: “The Public Powers will promote health education, physical education, sports, as well as leisure.” Therefore, we demand that the administrations be responsible for their obligations, since the reasons for this passivity in their management are unknown.

From Contigo Somos Democracia Región de Murcia, we ask the Administration to give the necessary importance to these narrative spaces, since our Autonomous Community has an ideal climate all year round, which invites us to walk and enjoy nature.

It is not understood how Felipe Coello, Councilor Delegate of Sports and Health of the City of Murcia, does not encourage physical activity, being also a Bachelor of Medicine and has passed this grant for improvements in general of these spaces and thus develop different activities on air free.


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