The avalanche occurred in a local of the province of Ancona when, apparently, someone began to use a spray with pepper gas

DARIO MINOR Correspondent in Rome Saturday, 8 December 2018, 10: 52 / The Truth

Six dead and one hundred injured, of which fourteen are serious, has left the stampede that occurred this morning at the disco ‘Lanterna Azurra’ located in Madonna del Piano, a small town in the province of Ancona, located in central Italy on the Adriatic coast. The victims are young people and adolescents who suffered the stomping and pushing produced when around 1,000 people tried to leave the establishment after the panic broke out because, apparently, someone started using a spray with pepper spray. A performance by the Italian singer Sfera Ebbasta, an idol for lovers of the trap genre, was scheduled at the venue.

A wounded 16-year-old man who was interviewed by local media reported that the audience was dancing before the concert began when a strong pungent odor was noticed, so they ran to one of the emergency exits, but They found it closed. At that time the mob went to the other side of the nightclub and managed to leave by a kind of bridge that crosses a moat and connects the establishment with the parking area. One of the balustrades of this infrastructure collapsed and many children fell into the pit, where at least one of the fatal victims died crushed by the mass of people who came over.

Images of emergency services. / CORPO NAZIONALE VIGILI DEL FUOCO
The Carabinieri are verifying the conditions of the premises and have taken six doormen to take their statements. As explained to the Italian agency Ansa Oreste Capocasa, Commissioner of Ancona, the fatalities are five minors (three girls and two boys between the ages of 14 and 16) and the mother of one of the girls, 39 years, he had gone to the club to accompany her. The injured were transferred to the Senigallia medical center and the Torrette hospital in Ancona.

The authorities have opened an investigation to clarify this tragedy that is reminiscent of the one that took place in Turin’s San Carlo square on June 3, 2017, when there was a stampede among the fans who were following the final match of the Liga de Champions between Juventus and Real Madrid. One person died and more than a thousand were injured in that event.

Salvini: It is “probable” that the local had much more capacity than expected
Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has stated that it is “probably true” that in the club there were “a lot more people than expected and allowed.”

Salvini, in addition, has ruled out that the doors of emergency of the premises were closed and has supported the explanation of the police chief of Ancona, Oreste Capocasa, who stressed previously that everything happened outside the premises when the young people were crowded and broke some barriers and fell to the void, since the disco is in an elevated area.


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