The Popular Party officially begins the electoral campaign with the first act of Pablo Casado in the Region, where he agrees to return to the plans for the arrival of the AVE that Mariano Rajoy had. The leader of the PP vindicates the political center and guarantees that he will apply 155 in Catalonia in his first Council of Ministers if he is president

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There are desires of elections among the popular militancy, that in spite of being a holiday filled the stands of the Theater Circus of Murcia yesterday (with a capacity for 700 people) to listen for the first time in the Region as national president of the PP to Pablo Casado, who The pre-campaign officially began with the presentation of the candidates for the Presidency of the Community, Fernando López Miras, and the Mayor of Murcia, José Ballesta. It is the first stop of the tour that the state leader will carry out throughout Spain to go proclaiming the heads of regional and municipal lists in the different autonomous communities.

The head of the opposition made the audience wait, as his arrival in the capital of Segura was delayed in the morning and the meeting with the irrigators dragged on longer than expected. But the public did not care and it was shown from the first moment delivered. Not in vain, the president of the PP obtained in Murcia the majority support of the bases in the congress of the past month of July in which it was imposed to Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría.

“I like to surround myself with the best and every time I am more confident that I made the best decision five months ago when I appointed Teodoro García Egea as secretary general,” said the chief executive on the ciezano, his right hand, who was in charge to organize an act in which the speakers will talk while they move around the stage as if they were interpreting a theatrical monologue. The number two of the party preceded his head of ranks and stirred the public with the phrase that generated most controversy: “In Murcia we celebrate Christmas, we put the nativity scene, we put the tree, we celebrate our traditions, our Holy Week, and to which we do not you like it, that you hold on. Because we are Spanish. And we celebrate Christmas and Holy Week. And we defend hunting. The one that wants to go to the bulls that go, and the one that does not, that does not go. But we do not prohibit anything. Now it is OK!”.

«In Murcia we celebrate Christmas and we put the nativity scene. And if you do not like it, let it stand, “said Teodoro García

The number two of the party and Ballesta vindicated Ramón Luis Valcárcel, who was among the public and still does not know if he will go on the list to the European

Casado defined López Miras as “a man who dresses by the feet and when he goes to Genoa, Moncloa or Congress fights for his Region as he would do for his father or for his mother.” De Ballesta, whom he referred to as “Don José,” highlighted his academic career and admitted that “it is a luxury to have him back as a candidate”. Although he did not mention it expressly, he had a memory for former President Pedro Antonio Sánchez, recalling the “difficult” circumstances in which Miras arrived in San Esteban and predicting that “someday justice will be done.”

Another regional exmandatario who was in the audience was the vice president of the European Parliament, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, who sat in the front row and was frequently approached by the cameras, showing him and his grandchildren. Teodoro Garcia and Ballesta remembered him-the mayor also paid homage to his father, the journalist Carlos Valcárcel Mavor, now deceased-in his speeches. The president of honor of the regional PP is still to know if it will continue in the popular list to the European Parliament in the European elections that will also be held on May 26, coinciding with the municipal and regional.

The national president of the PP criticized “the punishment” that, in his opinion, the Government of Pedro Sánchez submits to the Region in the matter of water and infrastructure. Thus, he regretted the change of plans with the AVE and announced that, if he is president of the Government, “Murcia will have the high speed as planned” with Rajoy.

On the Tajo-Segura, warned that “you can not paralyze what is legal.” However, he received the greatest applause when he promised that in his first Council of Ministers he would approve the application of Article 155 of the Constitution in Catalonia. Likewise, Casado marked distances with Vox when claiming “the moderate political center” and ensuring that in Andalusia he will only reach a government pact with Ciudadanos.

A president in love
The president of the Community, Fernando López Miras, revealed during his speech that he is so in love that he does not sleep at night. «I do not live, I wake up». And he confessed that his particular Dulcinea is none other than the Region of Murcia, “this holy land that is the best in the world.” The head of the regional executive opposed his tax cuts (inheritance and donations, IRPF) with the rise of diesel prepared by the socialist government, “which will cost 73 million euros to the Murcia “. Presumed that the Region is the community “with more concerted education”, denounced “the theft of the AVE, which would already be two months in practice”, and predicted a victory for his party at the polls “because we are the only ones who love this land and we are willing to give our lives for it »

José Ballesta, meanwhile, ratified the yes that has given “the PP, Murcia and Spain” to be a candidate for re-election in 2019. “When you feel the call of your city, abandon everything and surrender without reservations, for over their own family, personal and work comfort, “said the mayor, who referred to the project to build an archaeological park in Monteagudo, to the initiative to transform the southern area of ​​the city after the burying of the roads and the new model of transport in the municipality as its main electoral proposals.
Noelia Arroyo, candidate in Cartagena, also intervened. Attending as guests, among others, businessmen Tomás Fuertes and Tomás Zamora, the rector of the University of Murcia, José Luján, and representatives of agricultural organizations such as Coag and Fecoam.


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