The organization reminds that this type of products must incorporate the CE anagram, indicating that it complies with the security measures
The Association of Consumers and Users in Network, CONSUMUR, within the framework of the information and awareness campaign about responsible consumption at Christmas, offers a series of recommendations to take into account when purchasing Christmas and Christmas gifts.

A very important part of the consumption during the Christmas holidays is, precisely, the purchase of toys. Therefore, to help parents in the choice of gifts for the little ones and thus avoid the problems that a bad choice may mean, CONSUMUR has developed a decalogue of tips to take into account when buying toys.


1.- In the first place, it is important that parents become aware that toys, besides being fun, can be used as instruments for early childhood education. A good toy develops the imagination of the child, at the same time that it amuses and educates. Therefore, it is preferable to choose educational and training toys.

2.- Do not let yourself be influenced by advertising campaigns. Many of the products most requested by children because of advertising fall into oblivion shortly after the Day of Kings.

3.- Buy simple toys, since, usually, the more complicated, the more boring the child, their prices are higher and more easily can be damaged.

4.- Sexist toys and those that encourage aggressive behavior should be rejected, since, in addition to being nothing educational, they are negative for the intellectual development of the child.

5.- Take into account the age of the recipient of the toy. Around the four or five years are convenient crafts games that exercise the ability of the child as well as group play. When children are older, sports or electronic games are recommended. The labeling warnings must be taken into account, especially those that relate to age. A toy designed for an older child can seriously harm a smaller one.

6.- Make sure that the toy has no sharp edges. In addition, if you buy removable toys it is important to check that all the pieces are large enough to prevent children from eating them.

7.- The toy must incorporate the CE logo, indicating that it complies with safety regulations. This anagram must appear in a visible way on the toy, on the packaging, in an attached brochure or on a label. Other warnings must appear next to it according to the degree of danger that the product presents. In addition, it is important to verify that the name, trademark, address of the manufacturer, agent or importer within the CE, the instructions for use and advice for safe use, all in Spanish, appear on the label of the toy.

8.- Do not base the choice on the great offers of toys of some establishments, since sometimes they offer toys “hook”, cheaper than in other shops, the rest being more expensive. Therefore, it is best not to buy all the toys in the same establishment, but to compare the prices of each one in different stores.

9.- Before making the purchase it is important to check the contents of the packaging and the operation of the toy, to ensure that it is in perfect condition.

10.- The toys have a guarantee of two years, apart from others that can be offered by the manufacturer or the establishment, which must be recorded in writing. For this reason, if there are deficiencies, the consumer may demand during the established period its repair, replacement or, ultimately, the reimbursement of the amount paid. Changes for causes other than the existence of defects of origin may only be required if the trade expressly admits this possibility in its advertising. Otherwise, such substitution will only depend on the merchant’s good faith.

Finally, CONSUMUR asks consumers and users who consider that they have been the object of some type of abuse or who wish to receive more information about the purchase of a toy, that they come to the organization. Consumers and users who wish to receive more information, can go to CONSUMUR, in person, or contact the Consumer and User Numbers 968 22 30 82. More information at


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