For Married, the presidency is “non-negotiable.” The popular ones remember the formation of Rivera that there was no sorpasso and they say that if they do not agree with them it will be “their political suicide” in Spain
PP and Citizens meet this Tuesday in Seville. It will be the first formal meeting between both formations that will attend, by the popular, Juan Manuel Moreno and Teodoro García Egea. Meanwhile, for the orange match, Juan Marín and José Manuel Villegas will be present. There will be representation of the two political forces at the national level because along with the candidates, there will be their general secretaries who will move there so as not to miss any detail of the negotiations.

Citizens will put pressure on the PP with its “via crucis judicial” to demand the presidency of Andalusia
PP and Citizens will begin negotiations on a possible government agreement in Andalusia on Tuesday
The bad results of Andalusia reopen the debate on the confluence of Podemos and IU
The meeting with four seeks to form an alternative government. Although the PP assumes that the appointment of this Tuesday will be simply “a touchdown”. They believe that they will advance as the conversations do. Also, they do not intend to start talking about charges. They think that the most important thing is to take action. They consider that in that they can agree without problem. “Better to treat the points in common and encapsulate what differentiates us until the end”, comments a leader pending of the whole process.

Therefore, the PP will bring three fundamental aspects to the table. First, he wants to discuss the economic and fiscal reforms he had in his program. For them it is essential to lower taxes and eliminate the inheritance. Second, they are committed to improving essential public services, such as depoliticizing healthcare. And, finally, they proclaim a necessary regeneration. In what includes the commitment to face a mandate of only eight years and create a body of independent auditors. The popular say they want to “clean” the institutions and are convinced that in all these sections will coincide with Citizens.

They would like it to be an express agreement but they recognize that everything will depend “on the attitude with which Rivera’s people go.” Of course, the biggest stumbling block will arise when debating who should have the keys to San Telmo. Marín wants to lead it and both Pablo Casado and the Andalusian PP have already made it clear that the presidency is something “non-negotiable.” “If they come with this requirement, we will not agree,” say charges of regional training.

“It does not make sense, we have more seats and if the sorpasso had been produced, still, but in the end, it has not happened,” explain PP sources. “If they block the situation, that will be a political suicide. How can they justify themselves against the Spaniards?” Asks a territorial leader.

In addition, Genoa – already announced the leader of the PP in his huddle with journalists on the day of the Constitution – wants a global pact. At the national headquarters, they wish to close the names of the persons who will be in charge of the Bureau of the Parliament and the Board at the same time.

The popular ones want Ciudadanos to become “their priority partner” and exclude Vox. That is why they promise to “be generous” with their allies and leave with good courage to resolve this situation. They emphasize that if in August of 2016, both formations could agree that Mariano Rajoy would continue in the Moncloa, now it is impossible that they are not understood to achieve the change in Andalusia.


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