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A European Super League to end the Champions and the problem of arbitration
Football Leaks: there is already an agreement between clubs for the European Super League
UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin and European Club Association (ECA) and Turin Juventus president Andreas Agnelli are discussing a plan for the Champions League to be played on weekends, the magazine reveals German Sport Bild.

The idea, according to this publication, is to pass the games on weekends to increase the television audience around the world. In some countries the time difference makes it difficult to follow the Champions League matches on Tuesday and Wednesday. So, for example, in China – a market that UEFA wants to conquer – it is four in the morning when the matches begin.

From the point of view of the best clubs, the advantage of this revolution in the Champions League would be that instead of six group stage matches, they would play 14 preliminary round matches, so they would charge more UEFA bonuses and revenue. of spectators.

The reform of the Champions would imply that the national leagues should play more frequently during the week. Agnelli, always according to the German magazine, proposes a reduction in the number of teams playing in European leagues to facilitate the reform.

According to Sport Bild, the German Football League (DFL) knows the plans and is against them. Another aspect of the reform would affect the group stage. There would no longer be eight groups of four teams, but four of eight.


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