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The Minister of Economy and Enterprise, Nadia Calviño, said Monday that “it is not desirable, from any point of view” that the Government is doomed to extend the 2019 General State Budgets (PGE) for 2018.

Calviño, in statements to Telecinco collected by Europa Press, recalled that extending the budgets would entail closing the next year with a deficit of 2.4%, six tenths above what is proposed in the new public accounts, which the Government will approve in January and that he hopes to be able to move forward.

“(If the PGE are extended) we would not close the deficit so quickly and now that we are growing it is when we have to reduce the public deficit”, said the minister.

In relation to the calculations of other agencies, including Brussels, lowering the estimated income estimated by the Government in its budget plan, Calviño sees “normal” that there are different forecasts and “some uncertainty” on this issue, given that the Executive will introduce new taxes. “Our collection forecasts are prudent,” stressed the Minister of Economy.

In terms of pensions, Calviño has reiterated that the Government will raise them in 2019 according to the CPI, as has been done in 2018 and as announced by the Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez. To the Council of Ministers next Friday will go the rise of the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) to 900 euros per month, as had also been announced from Moncloa, as pointed out by the minister.

With “all the antennas deployed”
Asked about the slowdown in the economy (the Government expects that GDP will grow 2.6% this year and that in 2019 it will grow around 2.2% or 2.3%), Calviño has assured that it is “with all the deployed antennas “to see if in the future Spain will encounter a more complicated situation than expected so far.

In any case, he insisted that this is “very difficult to predict”, since the main economic risks come from abroad (oil price, trade war between the United States and China, Brexit …).

“These are elements that are not under our control and can change from one day to the next, what we have to do is to see the indicators every day (…) The main risk for the future is the foreign sector. European economy, in Spain we will have less possibilities of ex


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