The transparency secretary of former President Juan Manuel Santos, Rafael Merchan, has been found dead in his Bogota apartment, local media reported Thursday.

The death is the third related to the bribery scandal that implicates, among others, President Ivan Duque, Prosecutor General Nestor Humberto Martinez and former Presidents Santos and Alvaro Uribe.

Merchan, a long-time anti-corruption advocate, had said he feared for his life while defending former road infrastructure director Luis Fernando Andrade who has fled the country, according to Caracol Radio.

Newspaper El Tiempo reported that neighbors hadn’t heard or seen their neighbor since Christmas day.

In November, key witness Jorge Enrique Pizano and his son died. Three days after his father, Pizano’s son died of cyanide poisoning.

The cause of Merchan’s death is being investigated by the Medical Examiner’s Office, whose director was forced to resign last week for failing to properly investigate the key witness’ death.

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