The approval rating of Colombia’s President Ivan Duque has recovered significantly after hitting a 24% low in December, according to the latest poll.

Pollster Yanhaas estimated the president’s approval rating to be at 35%, still considerably lower than his disapproval rating, which was estimated to be 56%.

Duque’s approval rating since taking office

Source: Colombia Reports Data

The president continues to be extremely unpopular among Colombia’s younger generations, according to Yanhaas.

Only 25% of Colombians between 18 and 24 support the president. In the 25-34 age group, Duque can count on the approval of 26%.

The president is least unpopular among Colombians older than 55, of whom 48% support the president, according to the poll.

Duque’s approval rating per age group

Source: Yanhaas

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