More than 300 narcos and paramilitaries want to add their side to the convoluted history of the armed conflict and testify to organizations before the war crimes tribunal and truth commission.

The group, calling itself the Committee of Prisoners for the Truth of Colombia, sent a letter from La Picota prison in Bogota to the Special Judiciary for Peace, the United Search for the Disappeared and the Truth Commission, three investigative bodies investigating war crimes.

“Many of those who have signed below have been murderers but also victims,” the letter reads.”We consider that there will not be a complete reconciliation, much less an integral reparation for the victims if we do not tell the public our individual and collective part.”

Drug traffickers and war lords have previously said to also have damning information about the country’s politicians and security forces.

Former paramilitary chiefs threaten reputation of many “good Colombians”

The list of signatories includes a wide range of participants in the armed conflict: members of the military, the AUC paramilitary groups, guerrilla groups ELN, AUC, FLN, FARC and EPL, drug trafficking group “Los Rastrojos”, and drug traffickers.

The group offers to reveal detailed lists with names of financiers and atrocities committed during the conflict.

“We want to provide truths, some known, some that have been hidden for a long time.”

Committee of Prisoners for the Truth of Colombia

Among the signatories is notorious drug trafficker “Gordo Lindo,” who worked for Medellin Cartel in the 1980’s, then the illustrious Cifuentes clan.

Former President Alvaro Uribe, who’s brother had two children with a Cifuentes sibling, allowed the narco to demobilize with paramilitary groups AUC, after the narco paid the paramilitaries to be allowed to take part in their 2003-2006 demobilization.

A court later ruled he was ineligible.

Convicted narco boss excluded from Colombia’s paramilitary demobilization program

“Tom,” the former boss of the Medellin crime syndicate “Oficina de Envigado,” also wants to speak the truth.

Hacker Andres Sepulveda also signed the letter. Sepulveda was imprisoned for intercepting confidential military intelligence and spying on the peace process with the FARC to influence the 2014 elections on behalf of the Democratic Center party of President Ivan Duque, who won the 2018 elections.

Politicians accused of corruption and crimes against humanity have also offered to take part in the transitional justice system.

Those allowed to stand trial before the war crimes tribunal are immediately released.

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