A new caravan of migrants is leaving on Wednesday from the northern Honduran city of San Pedro Sula for the United States, being the fifth such a group departing from that city since October 13, 2018.

More than 5,000 people gathered on Tuesday at the Grand Bus Terminal to leave in search of the so-called ‘American dream’, due to the difficult situation in the country.

Youths, non-accompanied children, women carrying children, men, and elderly people from different parts of the country will start their travel to western Honduras to go through Guatemala and Mexico later.

Meanwhile, National Human Rights Commissioner Roberto Herrera asked the Government of Juan Orlando Hernandez to attend to the forced displacement of people.

The Honduran State must focus its attention on the structural causes of forced displacements and migrations in the country and in its duty to provide its inhabitants with decent living conditions, he stressed.

Herrera pointed out that in Honduras, there are no incentives for youths, so they have to emigrate later.

He demanded more security measures in the country, as well as guarantees for children and youths, education, health care and progress, so they will not be forced to emigrate.

According to official statistics, poverty in Honduras affects 68 percent of the population, while violence, organized crime, impunity and exclusion, among other scourges, take a toll on most citizens, especially the most vulnerable.


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