Within the Bogotá political world, a name that for most Colombians is little known resonates permanently: Nubia Stella Martínez. She is nothing more and nothing less than the director of the Democratic Center, the party with the most representatives in the congress and to which the current president of the republic belongs. And not only that, this lawyer, specialist in commercial law, is one of the closest person to former President Álvaro Uribe, she worked in his government as presidential adviser, superintendent of Industry and Commerce, adviser on issues of institutional development and management in several entities, and it was he himself who asked her not to accept, for now, any high office in the current government.

Today Martinez has one of the most complex tasks of her party. Prevent corruption, opportunists, lizards and incompetents from sneaking in as candidates of the Democratic Center in the face of the upcoming regional elections to be held in all the country next October. She has a mayor responsibility, she is in charge of authorizing all the guarantees of a party that for the conjuncture, everyone would like to belong.

But the director of the Democratic Center is not only responsible for the endorsements and the administration of the party, she is also an authoritative and forceful voice to draw attention to the members who are derailing or who lose the guideline. She is aware that she presides over the most disciplined party, with the largest vote of opinion and with the clearest and most concrete political ideology in Colombia, and that is how it should be maintained. This can´t be forgotten by anyone in the Party and she is in charge of it.

For now the director of the Democratic Center is dedicated to scrutinize all the resumes of those who aspire to get an endorsement by the party, she is aware of the legal and media risks running in the party with so many corrupt politicians with hunger for power.

Por Carlos Escobar

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